Frank Lloyd Wright AlumiDrafter™

"May your genius inspire and keep you."
Frank Lloyd Wright

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Exclusively from Alumicolor®, this innovative new AlumiDrafter™ architect scale, designed by practicing architect, Matt Gulsvig, offers four tools in one. With this unique tool, drafting professionals can measure and scale plans; draw circles and arcs; draw angles and triangles; or use as a straight cutting edge. Conveniently, it fits easily in a folder or notebook, replacing the bulkier 3-sided scale. The architect AlumiDrafter™ is very versitile, imprinted with 12 sets of architect calibrations and an inspiring Frank Lloyd Wright quote.

Frank Lloyd Wright AlumiDrafter

Four tools in one!

Measure & Scale Drawings

Draw Circles & Arcs

Measure & Scale Drawings Draw Circles & Arcs

Draw Angles & Triangles

Use as a Cutting Edge

Draw Angles & Triangles Use as a Cutting Edge

Frank Lloyd Wright AlumiDrafter™

Code VersionCalibrations MSRP Barcode
3145-9B-FLW-Q 12" Slim Profile Architect AlumiDrafter™ 16, (1/8, 1/4), (1 1/2, 3), 1/16, (3/32, 3/16), (1/2, 1), (3/4, 3/8), 1/32 $11.25 6-47020-31459-7
  • Packaging: Poly-sleeve bag with hang tag for peg-board retail display.
  • Dimensions: 1.531" wide, 0.22" thick.
  • Available at Frank Lloyd Wright stores.

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